Effortless Strategies to Elevate Your Customer Service Game Through Tech

Today’s customers want the option to resolve their issues online without having to make a call or, worse, come in-person. And you can help. There are plenty of ways to innovate your customer service simply by adding new tech to your playbook.

But what’s in it for you? Giving customers a self-service option frees up your own team, cuts down on call center costs, and makes for a more efficient, more personalized customer journey—which means better retention and more sales for you.


Because chatbots can respond to customers 24/7, they’re a great replacement for around-the-clock service. A chatbot can help customers find quick answers to simple questions so they don’t have to go hunting through your website in search of the answer themselves.

Of course, a chatbot isn’t really a replacement for a human customer service rep. Command-based chatbots aren’t capable of formulating their own replies; rather, they pull answers from a data-bank. So while a chatbot can answer simple questions like “what time are you open today?” and “do I need to make a reservation?” more complicated questions will likely stump it.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are the next level of chatbot. Instead of pulling from a data-bank, they create their own answers from scratch, learning and improving with each exchange. This means AI chatbots are capable of answering more complicated questions, i.e., the ones that stump command-based chatbots.

They can also add a personal touch to make it seem like the user is corresponding with a real person. For example, if a customer asks what time you’re open that day, an AI chatbot can answer with their name and, after relaying the information, end with something like “Can’t wait to see you. It’s foggy out today, drive safe!”

Mobile Apps

Many businesses now have a mobile app in addition to their main website. Not only does this give customers portable, mobile-friendly access to your goods or services, it gives them greater control over how they interact with you.

You can use a mobile app to allow customers to make and edit orders, request refunds, chat with a customer service rep (live or AI), and more. If you deliver food or products, an app can track your customers’ deliveries and let them know where their product is at any given time. It’s an easy way to help your customers feel in control and supported.

Help Desk

To help your customer service team track and respond to customer concerns, you might try integrating a help desk system with your team’s shared inbox. A help desk system is a digital tool designed to help teams organize, manage, and reply to customer service requests, and when it’s integrated with your team’s shared inbox, everyone has access to it. By providing a better way to manage and share tasks, this streamlines and automates your team’s approach to customer communications, allowing them to deliver faster, more efficient service.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software integrates with various departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, allowing each user to access all the customer data they need in real time. It shows metrics, notes, and history, keeping track of everything in one convenient, accessible location. Not only does this make customer service a lot easier and more efficient, it allows for a more individualized experience for your customers, as you’ll be aware of their past interactions with your company and may even be able to anticipate their needs.

Besides functioning as a cross-department database, CRM software allows you to automate emails, personalize communications, and produce reports. Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t live on one operating system, but is available from anywhere with an internet connection (thanks to the cloud). Many companies use CRM software to increase leads, sales, and customer retention.

With a wide array of tools available, there’s never been a better time to step up your customer service game by innovating your approach. Whether you add chatbots, roll out a mobile app, or bring in CRM software, improving the way your organization interacts with customers—and, crucially, making it easier for customers to help themselves—is one of the best ways to stay relevant in the information age.

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