6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know a Fractional CTO Could Do

Fractional CTOs wear many hats. Because they bring a wide set of skills and experience, they can help with a number of tech-related projects. And because they’re fractional rather than full-time, you can choose which priorities you’d like them to focus on.

Of course, a fractional CTO can help with app or software development and product launch, but did you know they can also manage cybersecurity and improve talent retention? Here are a few things you may not have realized fractional CTOs could help with.

1. Cybersecurity

Don’t have a dedicated cybersecurity team? Many fractional CTOs are hired specifically to assist with cybersecurity, whether that means handling it themselves or outsourcing to a team and supervising.

2. AI

AI is a growing element of many company’s tech strategies, but as a fairly new technology, many businesses simply don’t have the team or resources to dedicate to AI. That’s where a fractional CTO can come in handy. Many fractional CTOs have experience in AI and other evolving technologies, and they can help build out your AI division and train your team.

3. Hiring

Need to put together a rockstar team of developers or IT professionals? Chances are a fractional CTO can help. In fact, a fractional CTO can even help you hire a full-time CTO. If your current CTO is leaving, or if you’ve never had an in-house CTO before and need to hire one, a fractional CTO can take care of your highest priorities until you get the position filled. But beyond that, as an experienced tech professional, they can help you build out a list of qualifications for hiring a CTO, and in some cases, may even be willing to help you interview candidates.

4. Training

Could your team use more tech know-how? If you’d like to train someone on your current team to take over as CTO, or simply help your tech department level up their skills to add value to your organization, a fractional CTO can provide that valuable training and mentorship.


5. Talent retention

While it’s not an official part of their job description, fractional CTOs can help you retain talent at your organization simply by virtue of what they do. An experienced CTO will lead and motivate your team to perform at their best. They’ll minimize frustrating setbacks, keep processes organized and orderly, and foster an environment of learning and innovation. Especially if they can provide training and mentorship in the process, this is a great way to keep your tech team happy.

6. Bottom line

Because of the high value they provide to your organization, a fractional CTO can contribute to a higher bottom line. After all, they’re helping you solve problems, boost security, and find or retain talent. Add to that the lower cost of working with a fractional CTO vs a full-time one, and it’s easy to see why so many companies these days prefer fractional CTOs.

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