How did
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The company wanted to replace a consumer-facing website with a private and interactive tool to help consumers determine how much life insurance coverage they would need and to find competitive quotes for that coverage. This way, consumers could understand what factors affect their life insurance premiums without exposing personal information to an agent until they are ready to do so.



Band of Coders provided an initial team to take over the support of their existing website. This allowed Highland Capital Brokerage to have full control over the site and implement some necessary fixes. Band of Coders then expanded the team to build out the vision for the next version of the service. This included adding additional design and development capabilities as well as product management guidance to help direct the incremental delivery of the new service.

How did
we help them?


Type of team

Software Engineering, Project Management, UI/UX - OS, Solutions Architect/Leader.


Technology Stack

.NET, RESTful web services, REACT web applications, Azure table storage.