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Cox Automotive has an online vehicle marketplace that gives dealers access to global inventory. Cox provided a dealer rating system; however, it was simplistic, open to manipulation, and displayed conflicting data, depending on the nature of the marketplace.



Band of Coders developed a new rating system for Cox Automotive. This new system factored in new data points: buying and selling activity from various physical and digital marketplaces, user behavior such as delivery and payment time, sales volume, uncompleted transactions, and transaction feedback. The new system also allowed account managers to overwrite feedback in situations where the user was rated poorly but not actually at fault. In the end, Band of Coders used modern software practices to empower Cox’s dealers to purchase vehicles from trustworthy sellers.

How did
we help them?


Type of team

Full stack development team.


Technology Stack

Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, SQL, iOS, Android, AWS, IBM AS/400, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics.