Tips on Hiring Your Node.js Developer - Band of Coders

Tips on Hiring Your Node.js Developer

July 23, 2015 Blog

Node.js has been getting a lot of attention in the technical press.  Node.js catapults JavaScript out of the browser and on to the server.  In other words, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. The Node run-time environment includes everything you need to execute a program written in JavaScript.There are a lot of benefits with this arrangement.  Companies such as LinkedIn, …

Tips on Hiring Your Rails Developer - Band of Coders

Tips on Hiring Your Rails Developer

July 2, 2015 Blog

Ruby on Rails is a very powerful framework in the web application space.  It is a very popular framework that runs many current web sites and there are always new sites being built with it.  If you find yourself in need of a Ruby on Rails developer you will face stiff competition in the marketplace to hire one.  Here are …

Fundation of a Javascript programmer - Band of Coders

The Foundations of a JavaScript Programmer: Prototypal Inheritance

June 2, 2015 Blog

JavaScript is a dynamic language that likes to play fast and loose with traditional programming rules.  This makes JavaScript an easy language to learn, but a challenging one to master.  The amazing library, jQuery, lowered the bar to being a JavaScript programmer even further by abstracting out the more complex pieces of JavaScript.  Modern JavaScript has seen a proliferation of …

How much will it cost to build my app? - Band of Coders

How much will it cost to build my app?

April 22, 2015 Blog

When looking for dependable partners to work with, referrals are key. For any software startup, the first order of business is to identify who you can depend on. In the same way you find a reliable mechanic, dentist, or investment manager, it is important to seek recommendations from people you already trust in order to find the right development partner. …

Creating an App: Why you need an MVP - Band of Coders

Creating an App: Why you need an MVP.

January 29, 2015 Blog

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to hit the “Go Button” on your big idea. You’ve spent months talking about it with your friends and family, and now you feel ready to give it a shot. After months of patient research and consideration, you are finally able to get your business started. It’s an exciting time; you can see the end product …