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Interactive B2C booking platform.

RootRez provides white-label lodging e-commerce solutions that shift bookings away from generic sites directly to those that create the demand lodging, such as a city, major event, or ski resort.

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Band of Coders - Case Studies

RootRez empowers destinations with custom-built, best-in-class lodging e-commerce solutions to drive economic impact and measure results.

Band of Coders - Case Studies

Band of Coders was able to first augment their existing engineering team and then provide a new Tech Lead to help the client resolve accumulated technical debt, manage global engineering resources, and deliver critically new features as they enter another round of fundraising. Band of Coders also added a QA resource to free up more time for the stakeholders to focus on growing the business and ensuring fewer bugs in releases.

Band of Coders - Case Studies
Technology Slack

CakePHP, AWS, Linux, Various Lodging/Booking API’s.

Type of team: Technical Lead, Quality Assurance Analyst, Delivery Management.