Newsletter August 14, 2020

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This week's tech spotlight:


The new forecasting app ”Mausam” will allow people from India to have a better insight into the weather since users will have access to radar images.

But what we really love about this platform is that people can be warned of impending weather events, which is very important considering how unpredictably climate change can affect us.

We always stand for ideas that might seem simple but actually have great value because it will have a significant impact on people’s lives.

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Google is getting rid of apps with adware from the Play Store and has now removed more than 29 of these. Most of the adware filled apps were photo edition applications that were hidden after being installed so the users couldn’t find them to remove them.

We must be aware of this kind of operation and understand the importance of downloading reliable apps on our phones.

Band of Coders works hard to be transparent and build friendly user, reliable software that will contribute to solving a problem for someone, so make sure the apps you install are provided by a trustworthy source like us.

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Security - Newsletter - Band of Coders


Engineer researchers from The University of Chicago built a tool to trick facial recognition systems. Fawkes is the name of the software, which is only available for developers now, but hopefully will allow non-coders to download it for free soon.

In this attempt to increase the personal privacy of the users of the digital world, we believe confidentiality should be a key element in the technology industry and we’ll always root for our clients’ security.

What’s better than feeling safe when sharing your brilliant idea with someone with expertise on the subject?

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Meet Citterpedia: the new software designed to identify spiders and snakes species and determine if they're dangerous or not, created by Nic and Murray Scare, and CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency.

Who would have thought that a simple app like this one could potentially save people and animal’s lives?

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From our perspective:

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Ruby on Rails is a very powerful framework in the web application space. It is a very popular framework that runs many current web sites and there are always new sites being built with it. If you find yourself in need of a Ruby on Rails developer you will face stiff competition in the marketplace to hire one. Here are some tips you can use to help find talented Rails developers to...

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