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The NetPlanner 360 Platform integrates the key processes of NetPlanner’s business all within one platform.

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Band of Coders - Case Studies

NetPlanner needed to build their next generation NetPlanner 360, a platform that could integrate the key processes of their business within one single platform, while staying accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.

Band of Coders - Case Studies

Band of Coders helped NetPlanner build their next generation NetPlanner 360 platform. This new platform covers, but is not limited to, building workflows from new project estimations, setting said workflows up, creating proposals for new or existing customers, laying out solutions on blueprints, emitting job orders, and tracking people's tasks on projects. Band of Coders did not only provide development, but also management, consultancy, and graphic design.

Band of Coders - Case Studies
Type of Team

Full stack development team.

Technology Slack

.NET, C#, Web Api, oData, Angular 4, Azure Search, Azure Storage, MS SQL, and Swift (iOS).