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Who Are We? - Band of Coders

Who Are We?


Band of Coders| Girls Academy is Atlanta’s all girls coding program. Founded in 2014, our program is composed of over 335 girls who have discovered a new way to combine their passion with technology. The girls go through a unique experience solving community-based issues in a collaborative environment. Our programs are project-based with an emphasis on empowering girls and their communities. Our mission is threefold: to decrease the gender gap in technology; introduce girls to a collaborative environment; and identify skill-set for girls to change their community.

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Get Involved


Would you like to teach Middle School Girls how to Code? Band of Coders is seeking an instructor to teach our Weekend Coding Workshops, as well as our One Week Summer Camps! We have created a curriculum for the course, but we are looking for someone who is passionate about working with middle school girls and loves to code using a scratch program. If this is you, we would love to meet you. Please email your resume to with the Subject Title: Teach At Girls Academy.

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Looking for a great opportunity to give back to the community? Help us close the gender gap in technology by volunteering with us. We offer workshops, introductory courses, day programs, and summer camps. Please email us at with the Subject Title: Volunteer At Girls Academy.

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We’ve redefined how girls interact with technology. We empower girls through coding, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and leadership; impact communities by helping girls bring their ideas to life.

Your donation makes a difference. It allows us to keep seats affordable, provide scholarships, and help close the gender gap in technology by 2020. Help create the next girl entrepreneur.

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