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FX Networks

FX+ lets you experience FX without ads. You can watch over 100 seasons and 1,400 episodes of your favorite FX Originals perfectly uninterrupted. Enjoy every current FX season plus all-time favorites, anytime and anywhere on popular devices.

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Band of Coders - Case Studies

FX Networks needed a tool to directly reach its viewers online and via mobile; therefore, they launched a new streaming service called FX+. In order for the launch to go as smoothly as possible, FX Network’s main website was updated to promote their new service. Users were also given the choice to watch video content on the FX website or through the new FX+ service.

Band of Coders - Case Studies

Band of Coders provided the team that guided FX Networks through the necessary updates. We then executed the subsequent changes.

Band of Coders - Case Studies
Type of Team

Senior Solutions Architecture, Software Development (Frontend).

Technology Slack

PHP, Javascript, CSS.