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Interactive B2C healthcare app.

App can measure your knee and hip bending and straightening, also known as range of motion, with just your smartphone! Your range of motion is an early indicator of your progress after ACL, knee and hip replacement surgery. Measuring this regularly helps you stay on track.

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Band of Coders - Case Studies

Curovate is a mobile app designed for pre and post-operative rehabilitation following ACL injury and surgery. The app was very hardcoded and not robust enough for what the business needed.

Band of Coders - Case Studies

Band of Coders came in to re-architect and build out a more production quality version of the solution, which was based around physical therapy and tracking users' progress through different exercises that people have to do during physical therapy.

Band of Coders - Case Studies
Technology Slack

Rails Back-end / React Native Front-end.

Type of team: UI/UX Design, Software Development, Solution Architecture / Leadership.